Supporting People with DisabilitiesPromoting Physical Well-BeingHolidays and Overnight StaysSporting CompetitionsFriendships and Events

Supporting People with Disabilities

To actively participate in and remain a valued member of the community

Promoting Physical Well-Being

Through the provision of exercise, physical activity, specialised training and coaching

Holidays and Overnight Stays

Supporting participants to experience the excitement of overseas, interstate and local holiday destinations

Sporting Competitions

Providing the competitions for team sports including baseball, soccer, netball and 10 pin bowling

Friendships and Events

Be a part of regular social groups and make new friends while enjoying the best Sydney has to offer

Our Commitment

Provide support and services to people with disabilities to actively participate in the community, social and civic activities. Develop and enhance skills, programs, learning and life skills, through recreation, educational and holiday programs.

Our Mission

Establish and maintain a team that delivers services in a person centred, professional, caring and innovative way. Create an environment where participants and families have a sense of belonging, ongoing support and continuity of staff and programs.

Our Team

Dedicated to working within the community, providing targeted work around strengthening families and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through meaningful sport and recreational activities.

Summit Disability Network

The team at Summit has extensive experience and expertise in providing services that promote independence, integration and access for people with disabilities (particpants) within the community. A person-centred approach is taken when developing all of our activities, programs and holidays.

While Summit offers a range of different activities and events for its participants, family inclusion is incorporated and encouraged in many programs and holidays. Summit understands the positive benefits that can be achieved through participation in recreation and social activities. We also know the importance of simply having fun and being with friends. Positive outcomes can include:

  • Healthier, happier life
  • A positive personal identity
  • Increased social network and friendships
  • Increased independence and self esteem
  • Building new experiences that are fun and interesting

Who We Are & What We Do

What we are good at

The major areas of operation include programming and service delivery of various community based recreational activities that include sporting, social, educational & skill based activities and holidays.

Personal Identity
Family Integration

  • Holidays

    Our holidays and overnight stays operate throughout the year and could be a 3 day weekend to Port Stephens, Kiama, Blue Mountains or the Hunter Valley right up to a week away to Cairns, Gold Coast, South Pacific Cruise or Fiji. Holidays are very popular, especially as it presents the chance for participants to visit places they never thought they would go to with their friends.

  • Social

    While all the programs and holidays provide the opportunity to socialise and make new friends, Summit has specific social programs and groups that encourage friendships and support existing ones. Regular social groups and day trips provide the perfect space to have fun, see new places, be entertained and catch up with your friends.

  • Sports

    All of sporting competitions are designed to integrate with mainstream associations and local community sporting organisations. From introductory skill based sports to fully competitive competitions, our sporting teams play each Saturday morning.

  • Skills

    Summit offers a range of skill based programs that assist the participant with learning and practicing new skills. These can include wood turning, building, cooking, gardening, mountain bike riding, rock climbing, canoeing, surfing, self-defence and yoga. Learning a new skill is not all about the certificate at the end, but about how you continue to use it, which is why we incorporate and encourage new skills to be used while on our activities and holidays.

About Us

Summit Disability Network (Summit) is a new organisation that was formed in 2015 to help families and people with disabilities continue to experience the positive benefits of sports, recreation and holidays.

Although Summit, as a Non-for-Profit Organisation is relatively new, the staff are experienced and qualified, providing a quality service. The staff have extensive experience in providing holidays, running sporting competitions, developing specialised programs and social groups within the community.

With the introduction of the NDIS, Summit understands the new opportunities for participants and their families but also realises the apprehension and uncertainty change can bring. That’s why Summit is committed to supporting you through the process to help you reach your goals and realise new possibilities.


Participants can request a referral meeting to find out more about Summit and what holidays and programs are available.

Planning Meeting

A planning meeting is conducted to understand more about the participant and their family’s goals and expectations. This is where Summit can learn what is important to you and for you so that suitable options may be offered. The planning meeting helps determine the content of your Service Agreement.

Key Worker

Once you have agreed to the Service Agreement you are assigned a key worker. This is to ensure you always have a reliable point of contact and consistency with your plan. The key worker can also assist with referring and linking to other services and therapies.

Review and Feedback

Reviewing and reflecting on past activities is most effective when incorporated with participant and family feedback. Regular conversations and feedback forms not only help Summit improve and maintain quality programs, but also help design future programs and holidays.


All your staff have shown their incredible expertise by not only challenging, encouraging and developing our boys’ abilities, but also allowing them to be comfortable in a safe and supportive environment.

Helen, Robyn, Terry and Annette


Yes, my life is better because not only have I gone on outings and holidays but I have learnt new skills and also made some new friends while I have developed my social skills and accessing the community as well.


On behalf of parents with children with disabilities, I wish to thank you and your team for giving my daughter the opportunity to grow into the beautiful person she is today enriched with friends and opportunities to experience normal activities, that as a parent, I wouldn’t have been able to provide her without your service.



I love reading through the activities and always look forward to doing the ones I want. I love being with my friends and choosing the different holidays to go on. I am now in a netball team that plays on Saturdays. I love telling my friends, work, mum, dad and my family all things that I am doing.